Display Case TPA3116D2 Amplifier (Sold to Michael S. in La Crosse, Wisconsin)

Glass & wood 8"x10" display case with a Yuan Jing TPA3116D2 mounted inside.
13.8 volt, 5 amp external linear power supply feeds it.
High quality gold plated five way binding posts & Neutrik brand RCA inputs with gold plated connectors.  This power supply gives this amplifier a lot of authority.

TPA3116 with built-in JDS Labs ODAC (Sold to Sergio in Norwalk, CT)

Fleawatt TPA3116D2 with built-in, directly wired to the amp, JDS Labs ODAC. 
 One USB input connects directly to your computer or USB digital audio source.
Direct signal path from the DAC to the YuanJing "black board" amplifier circuit board with a short length of solid core twisted copper wire.  An Alps blue velvet volume pot compliments this circuit nicely.  Combining this highly regarded Class D amplifier with a directly wired giant killer DAC approaches the pinnacle of high fidelity audio with very little cash outlay.  As with all my amplifiers, the amplifier board is vibration isolated on neoprene isolation washers.  High quality gold plated five way binding posts.  3M brand isolation pads on the bottom of the solid, die-cast aluminum chassis.   A copper faux steam gauge and copper colored hardware makes for an understated, mild steampunk theme. 

Lonely Flea TPA3116D2 (Sold to Robert K. of Diamondhead, MS)

One of a kind.  Hand made.  Yuan Jing "Black" board (better sounding) TPA3116D2.
Very dark brown, nearly black, gloss metallic enamel painted aluminum chassis.
Wood burned flea logo in real walnut veneer.  Solid, machined brass volume knob adorns a VALAB brand stepped attenuator.  The Valab attenuator features Japan made KOA 1/4W 1% 25ppm precision resistors.  Only two of these audiophile resistors in the signal path.  The most open and revealing of volume pots I've ever used.

10K Gold Leaf & Green TPA3116D2 (Sold to Sarah A. of Medford, MA)

Hand made.  One of a kind.  Glossy dark green die cast aluminum chassis accented with real walnut veneer, 10K gold leafing enamel pin striping and real brass accents.  Equipped with an Alpha brand volume pot, gold plated RCA connectors and gold plated, insulated, five way binding posts.  3M brand elastomer bump ons on the bottom.  Neoprene isolators for circuit board mounting.  Walnut veneer has a natural oil finish.  Includes a 12 volt/5amp external power supply.
This amp uses the Yuan Jing TPA3116D2 2.0  "black board" (better sounding than red)

Walnut Brass & Black Valab TPA3116 (Sold to Eric P. of Frisco, Texas)

Hand made, one of a kind.  Textured black enamel paint, walnut veneer and brass accents.  Solid machined brass volume knob.
This amp has the power switch in the back to facilitate shorter power supply wiring.
Equipped with a VALAB brand stepped attenuator.  The Valab stepped attenuators use Japan made KOA 1/4W 1% 25ppm precision resistors.  Only two resistors in the signal path.  This is the most open & revealing volume pot I've sampled.   As with all my amps, teflon coated solid core copper is used for all the signal wiring.  3M brand elastomer bump-on's on the bottom of the solid die-cast aluminum chassis.  The circuit board is supported by neoprene isolation washers.
This amp uses the Yuan Jing TPA3116 D2 2.0 "black" circuit board, which is the better sounding version.

Dayton Audio B652 Fleawatt Modified (Sold to Sarah A. of Medford, MA)

These are highly modified Dayton Audio B652's budget audiophile speakers.   Read the reviews on the web.  The speakers are good for the money.  However, when the stock particle board cabinets are substituted for hand made 3/4" thick maple ply cabinets, a 1% polyfilm audio grade cap replaces a no name Chinese electrolytic cap, gold binding posts replace spring clips and acoustic stuff brand fill replaces 1" thick polyester batting, the speakers become audiophile stand outs!  These speakers were finished in bright red to match Sarah's bright red & maple wood amp.  (photo below)

Fleaburned Alps Blue Velvet TPA3116 (Sold to Joshua R. of Louisville, KY)

Yuan Jing TPA3116 2.0 "black board".  Board mounted on neoprene isolators.  Gold plated, insulated five way binding posts.  Gold plated RCA connectors.  Solid, brushed aluminum volume knob.  Nickel plated, vintage style toggle switch.   Teflon coated, twisted, solid core copper wiring.  WBT silver solder.  Real maple wood veneer with burned logo.  The wood is coated with a clear matte acrylic.  A highly regarded Alps Blue Velvet pot was used in this build.   The aluminum chassis is untreated and can be periodically polished or let go for a natural patina.  Elastomer isolation feet on the bottom.

Valab TPA3116 2.0 Maple Wood Burned (Sold to Timo O. in Everett, WA)

Another 3116 version 2.0 amp built with the incredibly transparent VALAB brand stepped attenuator.  Only two Japan made KOA 1% tolerance resistors in each incremental step.  Incredibly transparent.  This amp employs the side mounted power input and switch allowing for incredibly short wiring.   The circuit board is also oriented within the chassis to minimize the length of all connections.  This amp has the word "Fleawatt" burned into the real wood veneer.  A clear matte acrylic protects the wood.  The rest of the chassis is hand brushed and unfinished die cast aluminum for a industrial look. Keep it polished up or let it go for a natural patina.

SSR (Short Signal Path) TPA3116D2 (Sold to Jeff T. of Sherman Oaks, California)


This amplifier was built with sonics as a priority.  Everything was laid out for the Shortest Signal Path possible.   Internal wiring can act as antenna, picking up radio frequency interference & electrical magnetic interference, which can add distortion to the delicate original signal.  The shorter the length, the better.  My favorite volume potentiometer, a VALAB stepped attenuators, using made in Japan 1% tolerance KOA resistors was used in this build.  Only two audiophile quality resistors in the signal path.  This hand made volume pot is the most open and transparent I've heard.   I sprung for the $40 a pair WBT style gold plated, solid brass binding posts.  These are very heavy, solid and I believe contribute to the excellent sound of this amp.  The DC power connector and switch were placed on the side, which keeps the power bus wiring to be less than two inches in length.  The circuit board is suspended from the top of the chassis on neoprene washers for additional isolation.  Elastomer isolation pads adorn the bottom plate.   The chassis is a die-cast solid aluminum with a natural, brushed finish.  There is no clear coat on it for a natural aluminum patina.  A solid aluminum volume knob and Fleawatt placard finishes it off.  

Brass FleaPunk TPA3116D2 (Sold to Jason L. of Snohomish, WA)

15 watt per channel TPA3116D2 Class D amplifier.  Solid Die-Cast aluminum chassis coated in textured enamel paint.  Two coats of gloss clear coat enamel.    Antiqued brass faux "steam power" gauge.  Weathered look brass power switch and matching brass accent "rivets" on top.   Gold plated five way insulated binding posts.  Gold plated RCA connectors.  Wired with teflon coated, twisted solid copper wire & WBT silver solder.  Elastomer isolation feet.  Circuit board is mounted on neoprene isolation washers for maximum vibration dissipation.  Comes with high quality 12Volt/5amp external power supply.

Copper FleaPunk II TPA3116D2 (Sold to Frank C. of Streetsboro, OH)

1949 GE Milligauss Meter TPA3116D2 (Sold to Frank in Streetsboro, Ohio)

1949 Vintage operational Bakelite General Electric United States Navy marked milligauss meter.  Needle sweeps to +20 milligauss on power up.  This is a very unique, hard to find vintage meter.   Die-cast aluminum chassis finished in a hammered silver enamel.  Vintage style power switch and reproduction bakelite volume knob.    Gold plated five-way binding posts & gold plated RCA connectors.   Power is made by the Yuan-Jing "blue/black board" TI TPA3116D2.   A 12 volt/5amp external power supply is included.  Internal signal wiring is Belden shielded stranded copper.  Output wiring is twisted, teflon insulated solid core copper.

Fleawatt "Bare Bones" TPA3122 (Sold to Michael G. of Perrysburg, OH)

Bare Aluminum Enclosure.  High quality nickel plated solid brass binding posts.  Modern analog panel meter shows DC power supply voltage.  TPA3122 amplifier with upgraded power supply & output filter capacitors.

Shindo Green & Maple TPA3116D2 (Sold to Mark H. in Kingwood, TX)

From the new owner....

Hooked up the FleaWatt to some Totem DreamCatchers and a Pioneer CD player  on my desktop.....
Dexter Gordon is in the ROOM!!!
Can't WAIT until it fully breaks in.....
I'm say the least.
Kingwood, Texas